Monday, February 23, 2015

High Priestess.

A silent buzz entered her canal and spread through her body, causing the skin to trigger a wave of hills from her head to heels. Upon opening her eyes, darkness revealed itself. Luna felt nothing except a small drip on the top of her skull every other moment. 

The voices were now silent and no longer penetrated Luna's ears; however, she felt different. Her body began to illuminate a pale blue light as the blue orbs, which were descending from above, began to more rapidly cover her.

The fall was not long, which is all Luna could remember. Slowly sitting up, her fingertips brushed against her velvet cape-revealing little of her past. The walls were filled with bumps and crumpled as she brushed against them and the odor of metal became so potent the whites of her eyes took over her visible sockets.

Luna was awakened by a small man staring down upon her in the cemetery. His skin, also glowing with the blue tint, gleamed in waves of intensity. Reaching for her hands, Luna was lifted to her feet and began to slowly slouch as her knees buckled. The man leaned towards her right canal and faintly whispered a few words. 

Floating across the pavement, Luna made her way up Blvd. Ave. As she reached into her pockets, pulling out a stack of tarot, everything object began to fade into the color blue. The street lamps cast blue orbs onto the dark blue speckled streets, which left even darker blue shadows in the unoccupied spaces.

Sorting the deck as if she had thousands of times before, Luna passed two hopeless beings. Both appearing a mucky shade of blue, shoulders slouched, anxious, and falling apart. Passing the first, a male, Luna cupped his left hand in hers and began, "It will open like a blooming tulip." Startled and confused, the man began to deepen his murk. "Sorry-what will?" he mumbled, his voice becoming higher. Tensing, Luna bellowed, "Your world. Then you will realize you are not the center of it."

Shaking him from her grasp, she approached the young woman-tossing a blank tarot at her feet, allowing it to expose what the holder wants to read.

Luna lowered herself onto the bench outside of O'Harley's and allow her hands to raise a card from the deck. The high priestess: high power and mysterious. How fitting for an old woman in a new blue world.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Nine Wands.

Ringing filled the cavity of her inner drum. The iced air began to freeze Luna's glassy eyes and further deepened the canyons. Shadows casted by the branches brought her face through the phases, the cycle ceased on waning as Luna faced the roots of the giving tree. 

The trunk was illuminated by a red flickering glow. 

As Luna slinked around the curve of the tree the ringing increased, bumps crawled up her pale grey arms, making their way over mountains and through valleys. 

A woman's silhouette appeared, her face illuminated by the flames. The flickering transitioned her features from waxing to new and back. 

There was something present in the space surrounding the two, forcing Luna to drop her tote, unroll a velvet cloth and sort out the deck of tarot. Studying the expression on the woman's face, Luna could tell she was doubtful. The woman's edges began to curl downwards and eyes slowly shut.

A nine of wands presented itself to the two. Luna whispered, "Courage, persistence, test of faith, dear." The woman's face stared blankly, expressionless, at the moon sitting in front of her. Luna took advantage of the silence to ponder what this could mean; however, her thoughts were bombarded with piercing whispers in the distance.

An abyss, which was ever so slightly lit by a single parking lot orb, pierced the irises. Her drums began to melt from the frequency of the tones.

Luna jumped.