Sunday, January 25, 2015


Deep carvings made jagged lines and curves through the rock. When glanced at in a closer light, the cryptic symbols spelled out dec1334dec1344. Further down the coarse slab, the stone read in lower case, "arlomarzuch." The Marzuch's were not the wealthiest family; finishing words, punctuation, and spaces were quite the pretty penny.

The dark sky contrasted with the white orbs beginning to descend from above. Upon contact with the mysterious bright lights, Luna was taken away.

The images were faint, projecting blurry silhouettes blinded by a white background. The figures glided on the light at a downward angle, levitated, and evened out. Luna's throat began to close as the figures began running towards a blur that lay limp in the white.

As 4 bells rang from the city hall, the door of apartment 2043 flung open-colliding with a pile of velvet tablecloths and metal stands for her crystals. Luna refused to move as mortals in suits began to sift through a lifetime collection of memories.

Cards were thrown across the room by the suits, drifting softly to the ground like the white orbs. Under the table, where Luna lay covered in several collections of polaroids and dried out sage, a tarot card floated between the floor and velvet cloth.

The fool, sometimes titled the jester, card presented itself to the crusted over woman. A faint ink arrow pointed to the face of the fool. Tracing the line to the beginning with her finger, Luna read the word "Arlo."

He was a fool, innocent and hopeful for the future and she was his guardian, the white dog.

Luna was supposed to know.

As the suits filed out of the box, Luna emerged from the curtain like cloth and decided to conquer her fear of the mysterious white orbs.

Trudging through the white with her violet cloak dragging behind her hunched back, Luna passed the solid fountain.

The fool was gone.

Luna radiated heat and began to melt the collection of orbs covering the pavement. Trembling, Luna made her way back to her apartment. She kept her sockets fixed on the white, attempting to find a speck of color. Her eyes were glazed over with water and film, making it nearly impossible to determine what was in front of the woman.

A man appeared sitting on a bench, adjusting his collar.

Desperate now, Luna approached the man and pressed, "Have you seen one of my tarot cards? It is the Fool." His voice tuned in muffled to her drums, so she followed his gestures. His hand lead her to the card.

Luna considered her actions lately and thought to herself, "Maybe I am the fool and he my dog?" 

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