Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Stars.

Droplets made their decent from the line, over the bone, to the end, and fell to the Earth. The salt water filled orbs reminded Luna of crystal balls; always containing an insight, a gaze into the future. Luna refused to wipe away the drops, in fears that it would cause bad luck with her reading abilities.

The moonlight kept a steady glare on Luna's grey crater-filled face and reflected off the orbs. Looking up, Luna thought she caught her own reflection, but it was just a worn tombstone. She always found herself in the cemetery. She always found herself at his grave. Always.

Reaching into her silk bag, her calloused finger tips catching on the fabric, she pulled out a small circular throw and a packet of tarot cards. The cards featured silver etched crescents and stars. Laying out the cards, Luna flipped over the star card. The stars promised hope, renewal, and inspiration-all exactly what Luna was seeking.

Just as her hopes seemed to have been lifted, the stars began to fall. It began slowly, the dusted sky experiencing one flash every minuet or two, but became more rapid as time progressed. Luna's mouth tasted of the ocean. The droplets returned and fell in time with the stars. Hope had vanished.

Luna felt her senses slip away from her. Her abilities had been leaving her body for awhile now, but the process seemed to be picking up. She felt heavy.

Upon returning to DreamWood Terrace, Luna found herself on the 5th floor. Realizing what today was, Luna pressed the cracked elevator button. Standing in front of the dull silver doors, Luna waited. As soon as the doors let out a loud moan, she rushed forward and met with what felt like a wall. Her vision became clouded, the weight was lifted. Luna's eyes began to peer into the crystal earrings enclosed in the lobes of the wall, or woman, she had ran into. Luna received a vision. She knew this girl; she understood.

Luna's hearing became unmuffled as she whispered, "How strange it must be for you, my dear. To think one thing and be another."

Before allowing her patient to question her, Luna pushed the woman back into the elevator. 

Maybe the stars aren't falling after all thought Luna. She had nailed that reading...but how odd she thought, for a girl to be so conflicted about wanting waffles.

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